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This Pictometry viewer allows you to search through Wayne county in oblique (angled) and orthographic (straight down) aerial views. The oblique veiws,which are avalible in all four cardinal directions, allow you to see elements and details which are difficult or impossible to see from an orthographic image.

Go To Wayne County Courthouse

Takes the viewer to the Wayne Wayne County Courthouse and displays it at an oblique angle from the western view. If you are experiencing trouble with this tool double click it.


Downloads your current map view, with annotations in PDF format. Export will also download a CSV file of your search results if you have an active search.

Search Parcel

Searches the Parcel layer by name, parcel ID, state ID, tax ID, or address. Moves viewing window to the first result and returns a list of other parcels identified by the search. if you are searching by address make sure to input the road street suffix.

Search Address

Moves viewing window to a specified address when you enter a house number, street name, or full address and returns a list of other addresses identified by the search.


Returns a continuous stream for the lat. lon. coordinates from the middle of the screen.

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